Erlanger, Kentucky – Toyota has broadened the scope of its on-site evaluation process and announced additional quality leadership initiatives and milestones. The company said that customer concerns reported to the company regarding acceleration have decreased by 80 per cent compared to April 2010.

Toyota is equipping all of its new vehicles with advanced safety features, including Smart Stop Technology and enhanced event data recorders. It has instituted new training protocols and enhancing supplier collaboration and quality controls, and has completed more than five million remedies involved in three key recalls.

“Toyota has made significant progress in recent months to help ensure that our customers can have complete confidence in the quality, safety and reliability of their vehicles, and our latest initiatives build on those accomplishments,” said Steve St. Angelo, chief quality officer for North America. “Toyota’s continuous efforts to strengthen vehicle quality and safety, and to respond swiftly and thoroughly to our customers’ concerns, are driven by our core values and will always be a fundamental part of our company. Our goal is to set new, even higher standards for quality assurance and customer responsiveness in both the factory and the market by continuing to put our customers first in everything that we do.”

This year, all new Toyota vehicles for sale in North America are being equipped with Smart Stop Technology, a brake override system that automatically reduces engine power when the vehicle’s brake and accelerator pedals are applied simultaneously under certain driving conditions. The system is already in 84 per cent of Toyota, Lexus and Scion models on sale in the U.S., and an equivalent technology has been included in all Toyota and Lexus hybrids since inception. Toyota said that once the rollout is complete, it will be the first volume auto manufacturer to feature brake override technology on its entire line of vehicles sold domestically.

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