August 4, 2004

Toyota announces 50-percent boost in Prius production

2004 Toyota Prius
Photo: G. Yoxon. Click image to enlarge

Nagoya, Japan – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced that it will boost monthly production of the Prius gas-electric hybrid sedan from approximately 10,000 units per month to 15,000, in order to meet global demand.

“Clearly, the extraordinary response to Prius took us by surprise,” said Don Esmond, Toyota Division senior vice president and general manager of Toyota U.S.A. “With demand far-outstripping supply, customers have been forced to wait many months for delivery. Our announcement to increase production by fifty percent, should prove to our dealers and our customers that we are good on our word.”

The additional 5,000 units per month will be built on an existing assembly line at an existing production facility in Japan. The specific location of the plant will be announced at a later date. Production will begin during the first half of 2005.

The Prius (the name comes from the Latin “to go before”) was the world’s first mass-produced gas-electric hybrid vehicle when introduced in Japan in 1997. In 2000, it was introduced in the North American market and has since become the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the world.

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