Bill 15 limits number of hours tow truck drivers can work

A bill passed by the Ontario legislature in November is causing ruffled feathers in the province’s towing industry. Tow truck operators are protesting the bill today at Queen’s Park, resulting in some traffic interruptions. About 1,500 operators are expected to participate, reports CBC.

Bill 15 was primarily aimed at the auto insurance industry but includes provisions for the towing industry. It limits the number of continuous hours worked to 13 per day to a total of 60 per week. It also requires tow truck operators “to have permission before charging for services; post prices and other cost information; accept credit card payments from customers and provide an itemized invoice for services provided.”

Tow truck drivers say the bill will make it difficult for them to make a living, though no particular parts of the bill were cited in the article from CBC.

[Image source: Wikipedia]


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