November 28, 2006

Touareg tows a Boeing 747

Wolfsburg, Germany – A bet by two Volkswagen employees over whether a Touareg V10 TDI is capable of towing a Boeing 747 jet was proven when the company staged the event in Dunsfold Aerodrome, near London, England. The Touareg “easily” pulled the 155-ton jet, the company reports.

For the exhibition, the Touareg was loaded with 4,345 kg of steel, for a total weight of 7,030 kg, while the V10 TDI transmission was replaced with a shorter unit from a V8, the tire pressure was increased, and the maximum speed was limited, to protect the tires. Everything else, including the engine, shock absorbers and four-wheel drive, was left as stock. The Touareg pulled the jet a distance of 150 metres before the experiment was considered a success; subsequent examination showed that no damage was done to the vehicle as a result.

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