Toronto, Ontario – Stolen asset recovery Boomerang Tracking Inc. has announced it will target Canada’s most-stolen vehicle models in Toronto neighbourhoods today with a decal that gives the appearance that the glass has been smashed. The decal will instruct owners to, where drivers can download a “Keeping Track” online guide to auto theft prevention.

Toronto police reported that 8,447 vehicles were stolen in 2007, down slightly from 8,889 in the previous year; on average, a car is stolen every hour in Toronto. The report found that one-quarter of all vehicle thefts occur in Toronto’s northwest neighbourhoods.

“While consumer apathy is a car thief’s number-one ally, we believe education is a car thief’s number-one enemy,” said Scott Nilson, general manager of Boomerang Tracking. “Vehicle theft continues to plague our communities, and our Keeping Track guide aims to help consumers take a proactive role in protecting themselves and their vehicles.”

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