November 21, 2006

Toronto to install 250 “countdown” signals for pedestrians

Toronto, Ontario – The City of Toronto is installing “countdown” signals at more than 250 intersections to assist pedestrians in crossing the street. The devices provide a numeric countdown display that indicates the number of seconds remaining until the current “walk” signal changes to a “don’t walk” signal. The signals have been shown in other jurisdictions to reduce pedestrian injuries.

Transportation Services has installed the first two at Dundas St. W. and Bay St., and at Front St. W. and John St. The rest of the 250 intersections will be equipped over the next two months. To reduce costs, the new display units will be installed where the city is already replacing incandescent pedestrian displays with LED. Eventually all pedestrian signals will be replaced, with about 1,500 converted over the next four to five years, and the remaining 500 completed when the current LED displays need to be replaced.

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