October 21, 2004

Toronto Police and BMW partner to prevent auto theft

Whitby, Ontario – Members of the Toronto Police Service joined colleagues from other
police services and partners at BMW Group Canada for a day of education and training
at Downsview Park yesterday. The program is aimed at reducing vehicle theft and
enhancing public safety.

The Toronto Police Service has partnered with BMW Group Canada and other car
manufacturers on a number of automobile theft prevention initiatives. By meeting
regularly with corporate partners, the Toronto Police Service is able to enhance its
knowledge and understanding of automobile technology. Ongoing discussions,
information sharing, and hands-on exercises allow police to become better equipped
and allow corporate partners to do their part in advancing community safety.

“Technological advancements are growing everywhere but particularly in the area of
automobile manufacturing,” said Detective Sam Cosentino of the Toronto Police
Service’s Anti-Theft Unit. “Law enforcement is continually trying to stay one step
ahead and our corporate partners, like BMW, make our job easier.”

Officers participated in BMW Group Canada’s Driver Training Program and spent the
day exchanging information in a joint effort to combat automobile theft and improve
community safety.

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