December 1, 2004

Toronto Parking Authority introduces Corporate Parking Card

Toronto, Ontario – Toronto businesses can now pay for parking at any of Toronto Parking Authority (Green P) lots or street parking machines, and receive detailed parking reports at any time, through a single card.

The program, entitled Fast Track, uses Mint Inc. electronic commerce technology to pay, track and manage parking expense information in one central place, eliminating the need to collect and submit receipts or charge parking to expense accounts, while providing companies with complete transparency into corporate parking patterns. It marks the first time customers are able to use a single access card that is transferable between specified parking lots or parking spaces at any time.

“We’re delighted to be offering Fast Track to Toronto area businesses. This new service represents the ultimate in convenience, corporate tracking and simplicity,” says Maurice Anderson, President of the Toronto Parking Authority.

Drivers looking for a space to park can now simply use the Fast Track card as payment instead of cash or credit card at every Green P lot and street pay station machine. Fast Track, provides business users with detailed monthly reporting on usage to facilitate expense tracking and reporting, and can be tied to corporate or personal credit cards.

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