October 21, 2003

Toronto band sings for new Saturn Ion Quad Coupe

Toronto, Ontario – The new Saturn Ion Quad Coupe that was recently launched featured
a song from the debut album of Rattys Narrows, a fledgling rock band from Toronto.
The song, titled “Maybe Someday”, is airing Canada-wide this Fall.

“We wanted music that would resonate with young car buyers and we found this song
that is perfect for the new Ion Quad Coupe commercial,” said Eric LeBlanc, Saturn’s
Advertising Manager.

Interestingly, the tune was written and performed by two musicians who regularly do
work in advertising. Composers Peter Holmes, Creative Director at Holmes and Lee —
and Robert McDougall, Associate Creative Director at Goodgoll Curtis — wrote the
song together at Holmes’ summer cottage — in a place called Rattys Narrows — never
thinking it would be used as the featured track for a TV ad.

“It’s an unusual way to gain awareness for an album,” says Holmes, who heads the
band. “We are thrilled that the song was found on our website Rattysnarrows.com and
the next thing you know, we’re on the air.”

Produced by Holmes’ Flatacre Music Publishing company, the new album features an
eclectic mix of 12 original songs highlighting everything from progressive rock,
blues and jazz to heartfelt ballads.

The talent behind Rattys Narrows constitutes an eclectic mix, too. With bassist
Holmes at the helm, the band includes drummer Paul Pasanen, Account Manager at
NewAd, singer Richard Ivy, Planning Account Director at Media Experts, and guitarist
Eli Mullin, an independent songwriter-producer. Meanwhile, McDougall, whose guitar
work is featured on “Maybe Someday”, had previously left the band to form his own
musical group.

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