Aug 27, 2007

Toronto-area Highway 404 to be extended north

East Gwillimbury, Ontario – The Ontario government has announced a $2.6 million contract to build a northbound bridge over Green Lane, at the north end of Highway 404 in the Greater Toronto Area. It is the first of a series of projects to extend the highway north to East Gwillimbury.

“Over the last five years, traffic on Highway 404 has steadily increased,” says Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield. “We have 35,000 vehicles using this highway every day. This important work will keep traffic moving and support future economic development in this area.”

The bridge should be completed by the end of this year. During construction, temporary closures on some of the ramps at the Green Lane interchange will be required. The work will be scheduled during non-peak hours to minimize inconvenience to motorists.

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