August 16, 2002

Top three AMG models get superchargers, Formula One-type shifters

Affalterbach, Germany – The top three 2003 Mercedes-Benz AMG models, the E 55 AMG, the S 55 AMG and the CL 55 AMG, will all offer supercharged eight-cylinder engines and Formula 1-style gear changes, the company announced today.

The supercharged AMG V8 engine, with its 5.5-litre displacement, develops a maximum output of 476 hp (E 55 AMG) or 500 hp (S 55 AMG and CL 55 AMG) and a maximum torque of 700 Newton metres. The new supercharged models deliver between 34 and 39 percent more output and 32 percent more torque than the previous models, which featured V8 naturally-aspirated engines. The result is performance worthy of a true sports car: the E 55 AMG sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds, the S 55 AMG and CL 55 AMG in 4.8 seconds, and all share a top speed of 250 km/h (electronically governed).

All three AMG high-performance vehicles are due to appear in Mercedes-Benz retailers this Fall.

In the three new AMG models with the V8 supercharged engine, the power is transmitted by a five-speed automatic transmission which incorporates the AMG SPEEDSHIFT function, adapting to both a sporty and a comfort-oriented driving style. In manual mode the gears can be changed at the touch of a button on the steering wheel as in a racing car. Further technological highlights include the optimum gear function and active engine-braking downshift, which, together with the mechanical lock-up of the torque converter from first gear, make for an extremely direct driving experience. The advantages of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT automatic transmission are rounded off by more spontaneous and up to 35 percent faster gear changes.

The technical highlights of the sophisticated AMG V8 supercharged engine include the mechanical supercharger, located between the cylinder banks, which places the 5.5-litre eight-cylinder engine under a maximum pressure of 0.9 bar. Integrated in the compact supercharger module is the charge-air cooler, which operates along the highly efficient lines of an air/water heat exchanger. Using AMG’s wealth of experience in the field of motor racing, the interior of the engine has been given a totally new design: the crankcase, crankshaft and pistons have been reinforced, the cylinder heads and valve train have been optimised and a more powerful oil pump has been added.

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