December 2, 2004

Top ten selling vehicles in October announced

Toronto, Ontario – Desrosiers Automotive Consultants announced the top ten
best-selling cars and light trucks in Canada up until the end of October, the month
for which the latest figures are available.

“Everyone has staked out their positions and I don’t expect much if any change over
the last two months of the year,” said Dennis Desrosiers. “The Civic is going to be
the top selling passenger car and the F-Series pick-up from Ford is going to be the
top selling light truck. It is possible for the Caravan to catch Ford but unlikely.”

Year to date, passenger car sales are down 6.3 percent while light trucks are only
down 3.3 percent, reports Desrosiers. “Most of the best selling cars are down this
year and most of the best selling light trucks are up this year. Indeed light
trucks are slightly out performing the market as a whole.”

“Consumers are in a full gallop away from the mid sized vehicles and they are moving
in both directions,” he says. “Some are moving down market to entry level vehicles,
which are up 3.2 percent in October, and some are moving to large/luxury/sporty
vehicles which are up 4.4 percent for the month. Some big incentive money is in the
midsize segments so it is somewhat surprising that this segment is under performing
so badly.”

October year-to-date, the top ten selling cars are:

  1. Honda Civic sedan/coupe
  2. Toyota Corolla sedan
  3. Mazda3 sedan/hatchback
  4. Pontiac Sunfire sedan/coupe
  5. Toyota Echo sedan/hatchback
  6. Chevrolet Cavalier sedan/coupe
  7. Ford Focus sedan/hatchback/wagon
  8. Honda Accord sedan/coupe
  9. Chevrolet Impala sedan
  10. Toyota Camry sedan

The top ten light trucks are:

  1. Ford F-Series pickup
  2. Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan
  3. GMC Sierra pickup
  4. Dodge Ram pickup
  5. Chevrolet Silverado pickup
  6. Pontiac Montana minivan
  7. Chevrolet Venture minivan
  8. Ford Freestar minivan
  9. Ford Escape SUV
  10. Toyota Sienna minivan

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