November 22, 2002

Tony Scott’s ‘Beat the Devil’ premieres on

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey – “Beat the Devil,” a new film by director Tony Scott, premiered November 21st, on “Beat the Devil” is the third film in the award-winning internet series “The Hire,” the ground-breaking series of original short films executive produced by Scott, Ridley Scott and Jules Daly through RSA USA Inc. The project is underwritten by BMW.

With a nod toward pop culture, “Beat the Devil” is a dark comedy that finds The Driver (Clive Owen) hired to chauffeur the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown to a meeting with the devil (Gary Oldman). Decades ago, the legendary rock star sold his soul in exchange for fame and fortune, and now, in his twilight years, wants to renegotiate. The devil won’t budge, and instead engages The Driver and Mr. Brown in a high-speed duel between good and evil. Rocker Marilyn Manson adds an edgy note to this already soulful short.

Originally trained as a painter at the Sunderland Art School in England, British director Tony Scott developed an interest in cinematography during post-graduate work at Leeds College and London’s Royal College of Art. Scott entered the film industry as a TV and commercial director, and formed his company RSA with his brother, director Ridley Scott. Scott began his feature film career in 1983 with the modern vampire story “The Hunger” starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. Since then, Scott has become one of Hollywood’s most successful feature film directors, with a string of successes including “Crimson Tide,” “Top Gun,” “Enemy of the State,” “Spy Game” and “Beverly Hills Cop II.”
In addition to “Beat the Devil,” other films in “The Hire” series include: “Hostage,” by John Woo which premiered on October 24th and “Ticker,” directed by Joe Carnahan which debuted on November 7th.

Now in its second season, “The Hire” stars Owen (Croupier) as the mysterious and unnamed Driver, around whom all the films revolve. Directors Woo, Carnahan and Scott deliver a trio of intense, action-packed films that test the Driver’s unshakable poise and unique expertise. This year, The Driver must race against time and tide to save a dying woman, battle with a secretive government agent whose mysterious briefcase ignites a deadly political manhunt, and tangos with a legendary rock star who locks horns with the devil.

Joining Owen in the series is an illustrious supporting cast: “Hostage” features Maury Chaykin and Kathryn Morris; “Ticker” stars F. Murray Abraham and Don Cheadle with special cameo appearances by Ray Liotta, Robert Patrick and Dennis Haysbert.

“The Hire” Internet film series received international acclaim when it premiered in 2001 with original short films directed by five of Hollywood’s most noted directors. More than 14 million film views were registered last year on the digital- quality streaming video Web site for the first five films of the series directed by John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai, Guy Ritchie and Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu.

The second installment of “The Hire” is executive-produced by Tony Scott, Ridley Scott and Jules Daly, and produced by RSA USA, Inc. and Fallon Worldwide.

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