November 4, 2004

Think-tank discusses competitiveness of Canadian auto industry

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automotive Partnership Council (CAPC) met on
Wednesday to discuss actions that need to be taken to strengthen the competitiveness
of Canada’s automotive industry.

With Co-chairs Michael Grimaldi, President of General Motors of Canada Ltd., and Don
Walker, President of Intier Automotive Inc., CAPC members discussed the
organization’s recently released report called, “A Call for Action: A Canadian Auto
Strategy.” This report highlights CAPC’s progress over the past two years, and
presents a roadmap for future actions, identifying the areas that represent the
highest priority for short-term action. The five critical areas are: large-scale
investment incentives, infrastructure, innovation, regulatory harmonization and
human resources. Border issues have specifically been identified as an important
area, and have been acknowledged by federal and provincial governments as a

The Council examined the progress and priorities of its seven working groups’
recommendations in the areas of fiscal and investment policy, human resources,
innovation, regulatory harmonization, sustainability, trade infrastructure and
international trade.

“The CAPC report presents a framework for developing a competitive national
automotive strategy and a system to monitor our progress over time. The report also
outlines a strategic vision and action plan for increasing investment and innovation
in the Canadian automotive sector,” said Don Walker.

Commenting on the CAPC working groups, Michael Grimaldi, remarked: “I’ve been
impressed by the collaborative spirit and progress achieved so far by this Council,
and I am convinced our collective effort can drive a huge return on investment for
Canada. It is important that we continue with a shared sense of urgency and

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