After the introduction of the Canyon/Colorado, Ford may reconsider small truck position

Ford may be looking at bringing back a small truck offering, about the same size as the now-extinct Ranger, to take on the new pickup twins from General Motors. But, the global Ranger, which is about 90-percent the size of the F-150, is not the answer.

“We think we could sell a compact truck that’s more like the size of the old Ranger, that gets six or eight more miles per gallon (than a full-size truck), is $5,000 or $6,000 less, and that we could build in the U.S. to avoid the tariff on imported trucks,” said Dave Scott, Ford’s truck marketing manager, to USA Today.

This could put a new Ford truck in a position only occupied by the Toyota Tacoma in its lower trims. The other non-full-size competitors, including the Canyon and Colorado from General Motors, compete in the midsize pickup class.

If you are looking for a small body-on-frame pickup, chances are it won’t be happening, as the new model would likely be a unibody design. Scott said there are global models under the Ford umbrella that fit the formula but would not elude to which models Ford was considering for US sale.

It’s likely whatever truck is decided on — if Ford does indeed decide to return to the segment — it will be built in the US, Canada, or Mexico to avoid the dreaded Chicken Tax.



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