Cadillac is thinking bigger for its next model, with a new RWD car to slot above XTS and become the brand’s new flagship product.

Speaking to reporters at USA Today, General Motors CEO Dan Akerson confirmed Cadillac will get a new model in its range of offerings and it will be larger than the front-wheel drive XTS.

The new car, which is currently unnamed, will be based on a modified version of the GM Alpha platform that underpins the new CTS and ATS. The new platform is able to handle front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive driveline configurations. However, the new, bigger Cadillac will be a rear-wheel drive affair with all-wheel drive as an option.

Akerson is also keen to clarify the new model will not be based on anything from GM’s Australian subsidiary Holden. The down under operation currently builds the Chevy SS for US export.

Current Cadillac models – ATS, CTS, and XTS – have seen considerable success as of late with many outlets proclaiming the chassis in the ATS is best in class. The XTS has also been seeing high sales in China where GM can command a hefty premium for the luxury import.

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