The serial automotive entrepreneur responsible for Subaru entering North America, the lambasted Yugo, and the Canadian-built Bricklin SV1 is featured in the documentary ‘The Entrepreneur’.

What could have been the entry of Chinese cars to North America and instead failed in a lawsuit was a push by Malcolm Bricklin to yet again turn the automotive industry on its head. The infamous automotive entrepreneur has brought us brands like Subaru, Yugo, and he even started his own car company – Bricklin Vehicle Corporation – to build the gullwing door SV1 in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Over the last few years, he’s tried to get back in the import game with Chinese auto manufacturer Chery in an attempt to bring Chinese cars to the US. Along the way, his son Jonathan shot video of meetings and other happenings surrounding the attempt. All that footage has been put together in a documentary called ‘The Entrepreneur’ and we have the trailer.

Check out the sneak peak above to get a personal look of the ever-demanding Bricklin.

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