Ottawa, Ontario – Texting while driving is now the biggest single traffic safety concern for Canadians, pushing ahead of impaired driving, according to a new poll by CAA. For more than a decade, impaired driving stood alone at the top of traffic safety concerns, but while Canadians remain just as concerned about impaired driving, texting is now the top of the list of threats to personal safety on the road.

“This is a remarkable development in a relatively short time,” said Jeff Walker, CAA vice-president of public affairs. “Impaired driving has long been far and away the greatest concern, and texting while driving has really only emerged as an issue over the past couple of years, as cell phones and now smart phones have become more omnipresent in our lives.”

The survey also shows that young Canadians, disproportionately those under 30, frequently text while driving. Seven provinces have implemented legislation banning texting while driving, but almost all of these laws are relatively new. “Legislation alone will not solve the issue,” Walker said. “It is a matter of our society making the practice of texting while driving socially unacceptable.”

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