Aug 9, 2007

Tesla battery pack deemed safe for production electric vehicles

San Carlos, California – High-performance electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has met the U.N. safety requirements for delivery of the Tesla Roadster’s battery pack for use in consumer vehicles. The requirement marks a major milestone in the company’s schedule to commence deliveries of the 2008 Tesla Roadster to customers in the U.S. this fall.

The U.N. Testing Protocol includes altitude simulation, thermal cycling, vibration, shock and external short circuit. The Tesla’s Energy Storage System (ESS) development program, which has spanned over three years, has included testing safety at both the micro (cell) and macro (module) levels. The advanced technologies developed over the period have also positioned the Tesla Energy Group to develop and manufacture battery packs for third parties.

“In bringing an entirely new type of electric vehicle to market, we have focused closely on safety as one of the primary considerations in the design process,” said Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard. “Rigorous testing by third-party experts and regulatory bodies has provided Tesla Motors with invaluable technical feedback and a system of independent checks and balances. This exhaustive process has helped to ensure that the Roadster’s ESS has been critically examined both by our own engineers, as well as by objective experts outside of Tesla’s development team. The purely electric car that was once dismissed as a vision of a distant future has now become a reality that drivers can expect to see on the road in the coming months.”

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