April 9, 2004

“Tell Mom” service reports teen’s unsafe driving

Vancouver, B.C. – A new service allows motorists to report unsafe driving practices by young drivers. Tell Mom Services provides parents with a bumper sticker displaying a unique identification number and a toll free telephone number for their teen’s vehicle. The toll free number allows a member of their community to call, enter the ID# and leave a voice message for the parent, about any unsafe driving they may witness. The system then automatically sends the parent an email alerting them to new messages in their voicemail box.

Transport Canada reports 331 teen drivers, and passengers of teen drivers, were killed on Canada’s highways last year. They also reported 30,000 injuries in this same age group. Tell Mom Services was established in an effort to help prevent accidents among new drivers by allowing parents the opportunity to be more involved with their teen’s driver training.

Trucking companies have used this type of service for several years and report a 20% decrease in accidents and ticketing among drivers after initiation of the service.

More information is available at www.tellmomservices.com.

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