January 31, 2007

Telematics to flourish with high-speed wireless environment, study says

New York, New York – Telematics – used in vehicles for GPS applications, such as GM’s OnStar – will rise dramatically into the next decade as better wireless networks, devices and operating systems create a perfect set of circumstances for them to flourish, says a new study by Visant Strategies. In-vehicle applications will become more robust and integral to the high-speed wireless ecosystem enveloping the world.

“Seeing OnStar moving into a digital network is the first step in having this sector become a larger part of the wireless environment that will allow a more diverse set of applications to be offered and an enhancement of the applications being utilized so greatly today,” says Lynnette Luna, author of the report.

According to the study, in-vehicle subscribers across the globe will grow eightfold into the next decade, with revenues for subscribers reaching nearly US$20 billion in the three top world telematics markets in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

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