June 14, 2004

Team Jaguar beats Team HSBC in street hockey tournament

Montreal, Quebec – Team Jaguar claimed victory against Team HSBC after an intense street hockey tournament featuring Jaguar drivers Mark Webber, Christian Klien, test driver Bjorn Wirdheim and Olympic athletes Isabelle Brasseur, Lloyd Eisler and Bruny Surin.

The street hockey tournament hosted by Jaguar Canada and HSBC Bank Canada
was part of the celebrations held during the Canadian Grand Prix.

Following the game, Michael Kopke, captain of Team Jaguar said: “Klien
continues to amaze us both on the race track and now on the street playing
hockey! He, Bjorn and Bruny Surin did a great job.”

Meanwhile, Jon Hountalas, captain of Team HSBC said: “Can we play again
tomorrow? We all had a great time and are thrilled to be a part of the Grand

Jaguar Canada’s drivers Mark Webber of Australia, Christian Klien of
Austria, in his first season as a Formula One driver, and test driver Bjorn
Wirdheim of Sweden obliged the media and onlookers with photo opportunities.

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