January 31, 2007

TAG Heuer announces Mercedes-Benz SLR watch

Stuttgart, Germany – Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH and Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer have announced the new “TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz” automatic chronograph, the third watch from the companies’ collaboration. The new timepiece will be available this summer in a limited edition of 3,500 pieces.

The watch’s special hallmarks include the arrangement of the chronograph’s buttons beside the dial, echoing the layout of the shift buttons on the automatic transmission selector lever in the Mercedes-Benz SLR mcLaren. The fixed black bezel with engraved SLR logo is made from a high-grade titanium alloy and has a tachymeter scale for accurate speed measurement, making it possible to clock driving speeds of up to 400 km/h using a measured distance of precisely 1,000 metres. The watch will be available at selected retailers from June 2007.

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