January 15, 2002

Survey says auto show visitors want in-car gadgets

Consumers visiting the 2002 North American International Auto Show want advanced technology in their vehicle cockpits — including hands-free wireless communications, on-board DVD players, computers and voice-activated controls, according to a survey by R. L. Polk & Co.

“Auto manufacturers and suppliers are feeling the pulse of the American public by developing an array of advanced technology applications for vehicle interiors that respond to the consumer’s desire to stay entertained and connected in their vehicle,” said Stephen Polk, chairman, president and CEO of R. L. Polk & Co.

According to surveys conducted at five automated Polk Trend Centers located throughout Detroit’s Cobo Center, 87 percent of NAIAS 2002 visitors are interested in a hands-free cellular communications option in their next vehicle. A full 37 percent of respondents indicate that the hands-free option is a “must have.”

Eighty-eight percent of respondents said they were interested in on-line mapping and navigation systems in their vehicles. In-vehicle controls to turn on houselights gained the interest of 83 percent of respondents. DVD players and voice-activated controls for vehicle functions scored 73 percent overall interest. On-board computers came in with 72 percent interest.

Below are the results to date of some of the questions NAIAS 2002 visitors have been answering about their interest in vehicle options:

Hands-Free Cellular Phone (683 respondents)

“Gotta Have It” – 37 percent
Very Interested – 30 percent
Somewhat Interested – 20 percent
Not At All Interested – 13 percent

On-Line Mapping and Navigation (686 respondents)

“Gotta Have It” – 30 percent
Very Interested – 31 percent
Somewhat Interested – 27 percent
Not At All Interested – 12 percent

Home Activation of Lights, Doors and Security System (685 respondents)

“Gotta Have It” – 26 percent
Very Interested – 26 percent
Somewhat Interested – 31 percent
Not At All Interested – 17 percent

DVD Player with Built-In Screen (698 respondents)

“Gotta Have It” – 27 percent
Very Interested – 20 percent
Somewhat Interested – 26 percent
Not At All Interested – 27 percent

Voice-Activated Controls (703 respondents)

“Gotta Have It” – 19 percent
Very Interested – 23 percent
Somewhat Interested – 31 percent
Not At All Interested – 27 percent

On-Board Computers with Internet and E-Mail (690 respondents)

“Gotta Have It” – 22 percent
Very Interested – 24 percent
Somewhat Interested – 26 percent
Not At All Interested – 28 percent

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