November 16, 2004

Survey says 54% of Canadian drivers don’t use winter tires

Laval, November 15, 2004 – According to a recent Michelin survey, more than half of all drivers (54 per cent) admit to not using winter tires and only 40 per cent of motorists who use winter tires equip their vehicles before the first snowfall. This compares to the overwhelming 94 per cent of Canadian drivers who ensure they top up their winterized windshield wiper fluid.

Seventy-five per cent are putting their trust in the hopes that their all-season tires will meet their winter driving needs.

“While all-season tires can carry your vehicle through a variety of conditions, they do not deliver the same control on ice and snow as winter tires,” says Normand Latrémouille, Winter Segment Marketing Manager for Michelin North America (Canada). “In fact, winter tires deliver as much as 25 to 50 per cent more traction than all-season tires, which can very well be the margin you need to stop in time or to turn and avoid trouble.”

While some consumers try to cut costs by purchasing two winter tires instead of four, this practice can lead to unsafe results on the road. According to the Rubber Association of Canada and Transport Canada, motorists should always install four winter tires rather than just two for optimum control and stability.

These are the findings of a JD Power & Associates poll conducted from July to September, 2004, on behalf of Michelin. For the survey, a representative and randomly selected sample of 1,000 adult Canadians were interviewed by telephone.

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