October 17, 2007

Survey reveals what features women want most in their car

Miami, Florida – LeaseTrader.com, a U.S. company that helps people transfer car leases, recently polled a number of its female customers on their favourite car features. Surprisingly, the highest percentage of those women surveyed wanted fold-down back seats that provide more storage area. More than half of all women polled – 62 percent – listed this is their number one choice.
Following are the top five features women enjoy in a car, according to
female LeaseTrader.com customers:

    1. Fold-down back seats for more storage room
    2. Bluetooth capability
    3. MP3/iPod connectivity
    4. Automatic open/close hatchback
    5. GPS technology

Women who participated in the survey said the sunroof is the most overrated feature found in a car.

“Although the results covered a wide variety of car features, it’s interesting to note that women want functionality over technology in their cars,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of LeaseTrader.com.

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