Findlay, Ohio – American buyers considering Detroit Three products are least likely to opt for a Chrysler product, according to a new opinion survey by Corporation Research International (CRI). The survey also found that buyers’ decisions are only minimally affected by the issue of government bailouts.

The survey found that 52 per cent of Americans polled would be unlikely to purchase a Chrysler vehicle, more than double than the 23 per cent who said they likely would. By contrast, 40 per cent were more likely to purchase a GM product, and 41 per cent a Ford. Chrysler continues to struggle, while GM and Ford have a shorter road to convincing U.S. consumers to purchase their vehicles.

Of those surveyed, 54 per cent said they were likely to purchase a vehicle from a foreign manufacturer, with only 32 per cent unlikely.

“This survey shows that the tumultuous U.S. automotive market is having an impact on how consumers are viewing American-made vehicles,” said Mike Mallett, CEO of CRI. “Despite everything that’s going on in the automotive business, results show that Americans are still going to be looking at which car company is offering the best deal, regardless of where that company is based.”

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