December 3, 2004

Survey calls for winter driving lessons

Toronto, Ontario – According to the third annual Goodyear Safety Survey, nearly 90%
of drivers think the ability to handle tough winter road conditions is an essential
ingredient of being Canadian. Three quarters of Canadians – 75% – say not everyone
is prepared for the harsh Canadian roads and special winter driving lessons should
be mandatory for new drivers. The poll was conducted for Goodyear Canada by
Environics Research Group.

“The Goodyear Safety Survey reveals that when it comes to how we handle ourselves on
the ice, many Canadians are proud of our driving skills on the roads, not just our
hockey skills on the rink,” said David MacDonald, Vice
President of Environics Research Group. “At the same time, simply being born
in Canada doesn’t mean automatic entry into the ranks of the winter warrior –
most Canadian drivers think new licensees need special instruction when the
roads go white.”

The survey was conducted by Environics Research Group on behalf of
Goodyear from November 3-9, 2004. The telephone survey is based on a randomly
selected sample of 1,001 Canadians ages 18+. With a sample of this size, the
results are considered accurate to within (+/-) 3.1 percentage points, 19
times out of 20.

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