April 18, 2005

Surrey, B.C. to get new fast truck lane

Vancouver, B.C. – A new extension of the Highway 15 NEXUS/FAST (Free and Secure Trade) truck lane in Surrey will be built to ease congestion and enhance security at the Pacific Highway Border Crossing.

“More than a million commercial vehicles cross the border into the United States each year,” said David Emerson, Minister of Industry. “Extending the NEXUS/FAST truck lane will help ease congestion and encourage more commercial vehicles to enroll in the program.”

The $2.6 million project is expected to begin in the summer of 2005 and be completed the following spring. The Government of Canada will contribute $1.05 million, while the Government of British Columbia will contribute $1.55 million to the project.

The highway extension includes construction of a third southbound lane on Highway 15 that extends from just south of 4th Avenue to 8th Avenue. The extension truck lane will reduce traffic delays. The Pacific Highway crossing is the fourth busiest commercial vehicle crossing along the border, handling 75 per cent of commercial traffic in the Lower Mainland. As traffic delays and truck lineups decrease, air pollution and ambient noise levels will also decrease. The additional lane will also improve access for security personnel and emergency vehicles in the event of a security incident.

Under the Canada/British Columbia Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program agreement, the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia are providing joint funding of $28.2 million until March 2006 for border improvement projects in the province. The agreement, signed March 5, 2002, is part of the national $600 million Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program announced in April 2001.

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