March 6, 2003

Subaru unveils B11S concept in Geneva

Subaru B11S
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Geneva, Switzerland – Subaru, a division of Fuji Heavy Industries, unveiled the B11S concept car at the 73rd International Geneva Motor Show on Wednesday. The Subaru B11S showcases Subaru’s future design direction said the company. Since Kyoji Takenaka became President and Chief Operating Officer in June 2001, FHI has placed a new emphasis on design. As part of this new creative direction, experienced Subaru car designer Kiyoshi Sugimoto, was named Vice President, Senior General Manager of the Subaru Product and Portfolio Planning Division and General Manager of the Subaru Design Department – the first car designer ever to be appointed as an executive officer.

The Subaru B11S is the first concept car designed under Mr. Sugimoto. FHI retained the Barcelona-based independent design studio, Fuore Design International, to assist with the creation of the B11S.

The front fascia reflects the turbine of a small jet plane and the freedom of flying – the side doors open like gates and latch in the middle without a conventional B-pillar, an arrangement that facilitates access to the back seats and makes the interior room seem more spacious. Developed specifically for the B11S, the frosted glass roof provides an open-air feeling, as in a convertible, and creates a soft, natural light inside.

In contrast to the white pearl body colour, the interior is Subaru’s signature blue. The interior provides a comfortable space for four passengers and the folding back seats allow easy access to and from the trunk for luggage.

The B11S will be equipped with a new horizontally-opposed, 6-cylinder engine still under development. Design goals include twin turbo-charged power, exceptional low- and mid-range torque, and plenty of power – 394 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. Strong emphasis will also be placed on minimizing both fuel consumption and emissions.

The AWD system will be integrated with a 5-speed automatic transmission with VTD (Variable Torque Distribution). This sophisticated All-Wheel Driving System enhances vehicle stability. The VTD automatic transmission uses a planetary gear-type centre differential and electronically controlled hydraulic transfer clutches that control power distribution between the wheels. The addition of VTD means that torque can be split between the front and rear wheels as needed, in response to road conditions.

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