Transport Canada has issued a recall on multiple Subaru models – Impreza (2012, 2013), Legacy (2010-2013), Outback (2010-2013), and XV Crosstrek (2013) – equipped with a dealer installed remote engine starter.

From Transport Canada:

On certain vehicles equipped with a dealer-installed accessory remote engine starter, if the fob is dropped, movement of the internal battery retaining clip may occur and cause damage to a component on the printed circuit board. Under this condition, the fob may transmit an engine start (or stop) request without the user pressing the button. If the vehicle is in range and receives the request, the engine may start and run for up to 15 minutes (or until a stop request is received). The engine may continue to start and stop until the fob battery is depleted, or until the vehicle runs out of fuel. If that occurs when the vehicle is parked in an enclosed area, such as a garage, there is a risk of carbon monoxide build-up, which could result in asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Correction: Dealers will replace the remote engine starter fob.

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