Mississauga, Ontario – Subaru is marking the 40th anniversary of its symmetrical all-wheel drive this year. The company introduced its Subaru Leone Estate Van 4WD in Japan in 1972.

Total production of Subaru all-wheel drive and part-time 4WD vehicles has reached 11,782,812 units as of January 31, 2012, approximately 55.7 per cent of the company’s total vehicle sales.

With the combination of the symmetrical full-time AWD and horizontally-opposed boxer engine, the entire powertrain is mounted with side-to-side symmetry and the transmission sits back from the front axle within the wheelbase. This layout optimizes the longitudinal-transverse weight balance for stable traction on a multitude of road surfaces.

The company’s latest technology includes four-wheel traction management, which gives firm and accurate grip continuously to all four wheels at once.

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