March 19, 2002

Subaru Canada donates half a car to Alberta technology institute

Calgary, Alberta – Subaru Canada has donated a cutaway version of its popular Forester model to the Transportation Department of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). The car, which shows a complete cross-section of the Forester, including Subaru’s unique combination of horizontally-opposed engine and All-Wheel Driving System, will be used to give students a better understanding of the vehicle’s construction and drivetrain.

“Subaru is very proud of our close ties with the Transportation Department at SAIT, and to assist the school as it sets a new standard for excellence in education, training and innovation,” said Alan Acheson, manager of Subaru’s After Sales Development. “The high caliber of the Transportation Department is the reason Subaru chose SAIT to provide training and professional development to our technical personnel in our dealerships throughout the Western provinces.”

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