Mississauga, Ontario – Subaru is launching a new-generation boxer engine, the first overall renewal of the company’s horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine in 21 years. Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the parent company of Subaru, said that the new engine showcases the company’s latest engineering research and development and a new level of performance.

The engine is entirely renewed, starting from the basic structure, while maintaining its light weight, compact design, low centre of gravity and minimal vibration.

Third-generation improvements include advances in environmental friendliness and driving performance. The new engine is more fuel efficient while offering smooth, muscular acceleration in all speed ranges. Subaru designed the engine specifically so that future developments and upgrades can be seamlessly integrated.

Fuji Heavy Industries has  built a new factory at its Gunma Oizumi plant exclusively for the production of the new-generation engine. The engine will first be used in the 2011 Forester.

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