June 5, 2002

Study says spray-on bedliners not as durable as ‘drop-in’ bedliners

Portage, Wisconsin – Performance and reliability tests conducted by a leading manufacturer of light-truck accessories indicate that expensive spray-on bedliners provide only a fraction of the protection and durability of more affordable molded “drop-in” liners.

Spray-on liners, which typically consist of a paint-like formula that is applied directly to the truck bed surface, provide one-tenth the abrasion resistance and half the dent protection offered by leading drop-in liners. The tests were conducted by Bjorksten Research Laboratories, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, in conjunction with Penda Corporation, manufacturer of bedliners and other vehicle accessories.

“We strongly urge truck owners to make an informed decision when choosing a bedliner. If the purpose of the liner is to protect the truck bed from damage while enhancing the long-term appearance of the vehicle, spray-on products simply aren’t up to the job,” said Tom Anderson, director of engineering for Penda.

In an abrasion test performed on three leading national spray-on liners and one Pendaliner(R) drop-in model, the spray-on liners withstood an average of just 3,133 abrasions before the vehicle sustained body damage. By comparison, the drop-in liner withstood 31,860 abrasions before the truck’s body was scuffed.

An impact test of the same products showed that the Pendaliner Skid Resistor liner absorbed twice the amount of force of the spray-on liners before a dent was produced.

In addition to the performance and durability issues associated with spray-on liners, these products require the installer to remove the factory- applied finish from the truck bed. By grinding the bed surface, however, the dealer could be violating the terms of the customer’s vehicle warranty.

“Ironically, this step adds to the cost of a sprayed-on product while producing permanent damage to the original finish,” Anderson said. “It doesn’t make sense to protect the bed by first damaging it — that’s why today’s new generation of drop-in liners are a much better alternative.”

Unlike older technologies, today’s best drop-in liners also resist vibration within the truck bed, reducing scratches and other damage. Additionally, new-generation liners promote air circulation between the liner and bed surface to prevent the build-up of moisture.

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