HALIFAX, NS, – Pam Cooley, President of CarshareHFX announced today at the International CarSharing conference in Boulder, Colorado that CarShareHFX was chosen by Dalhousie University to provide carsharing services on campus .

CarShareHFX will provide two cars on the Dalhousie campus, accessible 24/7 to students and other CarShareHFX members and will offer a workplace Master contract making it easy for any Dalhousie department to join.

Staff in any participating departments will be able to drive CarShareHFX cars on behalf of the university business and will benefit from the offer of a reduction of one dollar on the regular hourly rate if they join personally on the OpenPlus program.

“Students have other things to spend their money on rather than owning a car”, says Pam Cooley, “with us they can adopt an environmentally friendly option, do their errands and also see other parts of our wonderful HRM and Nova Scotia.” says Pam Cooley, President of CarshareHFX.

Rochelle Owen, Director, Office of Sustainability, Dalhousie University states “We are pleased to have CarShareHFX as the car-sharing option for Dalhousie University. Car sharing is one of the initiatives outlined in the University Transportation Demand Management Plan.”

The two Dalhousie CarShareHFX vehicles will join the 18-car general fleet and make carsharing more accessible to not only the staff and students, but also to present and future members in the south end of Halifax peninsula.

Information will be available to Dalhousie staff and faculty, and cars are expected to be on campus in the very near future. Individuals and families can join at any time.


Source: Canada Newswire / CarShareHFX

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