April 11, 2006

Stow ‘n Go seats win Walter P. Chrysler Technology Award

Auburn Hills, Michigan – The disappearing Stow ‘n Go minivan seat system has won first place in the Walter P. Chrysler Technology Awards, an in-house recognition given to employee inventions patented during the year.

The finalists are selected by a Patent Reviewing Committee, which evaluates each patent and ranks the finalists. The Chrysler Group has presented patent awards since the early 1980s.

First place for the 2005 award went to Louis Rhodes, Douglas Quigley, Joseph Salani, Carl Mather, John Keane, David Ewers and Robert Feldmaier for U.S. Patent No. 6,955,386, “Underfloor Stowage of a Folding Seat in a Vehicle”, trademarked under the name Stow ‘n Go.

Second place went to software that measures various engine and coolant temperatures, eliminating the need for battery temperature sensors. Other winners included a system that allows diesel engines to comply with stricter emissions standards, an active steering column that allows for real-time tuning of the column’s energy absorption based on sensed factors, and a navigation route storage that records routes such as newly constructed streets or off-road trails not in the system.

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