Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) has announced that Sterling Trucks plans to eliminate one of its remaining two shifts and lay off 720 workers in November at its plant in St. Thomas, Ontario. The company, which produces heavy-duty trucks including construction and highway rigs, laid off 600 workers at the plant last year.

“This is devastating news for our members and the community of St. Thomas,” said Jerry Dias, assistant to CAW president Buzz Hargrove. “These are good jobs in this community and the spin-off impact means many others, including local businesses, will be hurt.”

Dias said the news is further evidence of the need for strong federal government action to deal with the manufacturing jobs crisis in Canada. “The manufacturing sector in Canada is being hammered by the high Canadian dollar, the weakening U.S. economy and high gas prices, but the Harper Conservative government is refusing to take any action to help workers, their families and the many communities that are suffering.”

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