June 19, 2002

Spray-on bedliners demonstrate colour fading says competitor

Portage, Wisconsin – A study of spray-on bedliners funded by a manufacturer of drop-in bedliners shows colour fading after 2000 hours of exposure to ultra-violet rays.

Side-by-side tests of two leading national spray-on bedliners and a “drop-in” moulded bedliner showed that the drop-in liner was up to 21 times more resistant to ultra-violet fading than the spray-on products. The tests, conducted by Union Carbide Corporation and commissioned by Penda Corporation, measured the surface reflectance of each product before and after UV exposure.

Many spray-on bedliner manufacturers do offer an optional UV protective coating, says Penda, but in most cases this coating must be applied on an annual basis and involves additional expense by the vehicle owner. The application of this coating also can dramatically reduce the skid-resistance provided by the spray-on liner.

“Many truck owners who select a spray-on liner do so because they believe it will produce a custom look. What they might not know is that they’re paying very handsomely for what might be a temporary benefit,” said Tom Anderson, director of engineering for Penda. “The only ways to prevent fading of a spray-on liner are to keep it out of the sun — which certainly isn’t practical — or pay even more money year after year for a non-permanent UV protective coating. Neither option seems very appealing from the consumer’s standpoint.”

Further information can be found at www.bedlinerfacts.com.

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