December 19, 2006

Sports car owners have highest ‘defection’ rate

Toronto, Ontario – More than nine out of ten sports car owners switch to a different kind of vehicle when trading in for another vehicle, reports the Power Information Network (PIN), a division of J.D. Power and Associates.

Most of sports car owners switch to the compact car segment where many of those vehicles now have more powerful engines and performance trim, says PIN.

In general, Canadian consumers defect to vehicles with better fuel economy, says the report. “Entry mid-size car owners are most likely to move down to a premium compact car, premium luxury car owners frequently move to a mid-size luxury car, full-size car owners switch to a premium mid-size car, and mid-size SUV owners move to the increasingly popular entry SUV category,” says PIN.

However, full-size pickup owners are “the most likely to stick with the same type of vehicle when they trade.” “The functionality of large pickups..cannot be found in any other type of vehicle.”

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