January 12, 2004

Sony announces new Xplod line of head units, subwoofers and amplifiers

Toronto, Ontario – Sony of Canada has introduced its latest line of Xplod car audio head units, subwoofers and amplifiers.

“People want to take their music and video wherever they spend their time, and for a lot them, that’s in their cars,” said Steve Orlob, Product Manager, Mobile Electronics, Consumer Audio Visual/Information Technology Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. “From MP3 and CD-R compatibility to video input playback, we’ll be bringing customized entertainment to the car. Not only are the head units easy to use, they employ the latest technology and offer the ‘cool’ factor that our customers demand.”

The new head units share a similar design, but can be customized to reflect individual tastes. The new Sony Xplod CDX-R3000 model, for example, incorporates a new retractable faceplate mechanism called “Motion Blade,” which provides a convenient means to eject CDs and protects the player from airborne contaminants.

Sony continues to broaden enhancements in its car stereo systems, such as MP3 playback capability. In addition, all Sony head units are CD-R/RW compatible.

Sony also introduced its latest line of Xplod high-performance subwoofers and amplifiers.

“Our new Xplod amps and P5 subwoofers take it a step further by offering competition-level performance for a great value,” said Orlob.

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