Brooklyn, New York – A solar-powered station for charging electric vehicles (EVs) has arrived in New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is the first solar-powered station in New York City and one of only a few in the world.

The station was designed and built by sustainable energy group Beautiful Earth (BE), which originally used it on an industrial lot before donating it to the park. Using the station for the park’s fleet of electric vehicles will save the park more than US$200,000 in gasoline costs and tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs over the 25-year lifetime of the project.

The station is constructed with two decommissioned steel shipping containers stacked on top of each other and is powered entirely by 24 photovoltaic panels on the roof, with electricity stored in battery packs for use at any time. With production of 5.6 kilowatts, the station stores enough energy to power a small home, and can charge five electric service vehicles and a full-size electric car as they come and go. The station is modular and can be deconstructed, moved and reassembled in less than a day. It is scheduled to become part of a larger New York Center for Sustainable Energy that will be built and unveiled in the park this spring.

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