March 1, 2002

Sneak peek: Nissan Murano ‘urban SUV’

2003 Murano concept

2003 Murano concept
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Nissan announced plans to unveil the new Murano at the New York auto show on March 30th. Nissan described the Murano as a dramatically styled urban SUV, and said it will go on sale next fall as a 2003 model. The name Murano is derived from the elegantly sculptured glassware that comes from the islands near Venice bearing the same name.

Nissan says the Murano will feature a large, highly functional interior with numerous storage compartments, such as a large centre console with room for a laptop computer or purse, a standard information centre monitor, sculpted front and rear seats with rear seat recliners, aluminum trim and a lightweight rear hatch for easy opening and closing.

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