Stuttgart, Germany – Smart has announced a new concept, the Forspeed, which it will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The two-seater electric vehicle has no roof or side windows, and uses a low wind deflector instead of a windshield in the style of classic propeller aircraft, the company said.

The electric drive system has been further developed and features a boost function for driving pleasure.

“The new Smart Forspeed is a completely new take on how much fun it is to drive electric,” said Dr. Annette Winkler, head of Smart. “It boasts a superb design with a powerful drive system and, needless to say, locally emission-free. And if you put the Smart Forspeed next to our ebike, escooter and Smart Fortwo electric drive, you’ll see that Smart has realized all kinds of variations of electric driving, demonstrating that Smart is not just a practical city car, but a great idea.”

With its improved performance and charge management, the Forspeed concept vehicle accelerates from zero to 60 km/h in 5.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 120 km/h. Pressing a button in the centre console activates a boost function, which provides an extra five kilowatts of power for a short time, such as when passing other vehicles.

The open two-seater was designed without door handles, since the interior handle is all that is needed. A block of ten LEDs in the middle of the instrument panel shines through the translucent paint to show the car’s battery charge status. When necessary to protect the interior from the elements, it can be covered with a tonneau cover to keep out rain and sun.

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