October 19, 2004

Silver most popular car colour in Europe, again

Ingersheim, Germany – Silver ranked as the most popular vehicle colour for the sixth consecutive year in Europe, according to the annual global colour popularity survey conducted by PPG Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of transportation coatings.

Silver topped all other colours among European vehicles produced in 2004 with 35.4 percent, up from 33.6 percent in 2003. Silver also led global colour popularity with 38 percent for the 2004 model year.

“As silver maintains its leading presence in Europe and around the globe, we continue to explore the development of new effects and technologies that can be used to create unique shades and textures,” said Reiner Mueller-Koerber, manager, European styling for PPG automotive coatings. “Due to its high-tech appearance and its unique ability to highlight a vehicle’s design, silver has the potential to remain No. 1 for years to come.”

Research conducted by PPG in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom reveals that for the 2004 model year, blue was Europe’s second most popular colour with 16.1 percent of vehicles produced, followed by black at 12.5 percent and white at 11 percent. The naturals colour family — which includes gold, copper, champagne and lighter shades of brown and yellow — was featured on 9.2 percent of vehicles, while red came in at 8.5 percent and green at 7.2 percent.

Globally, white was the second most popular vehicle colour in 2004 with 15.4 percent, followed by black with 13.9 percent, naturals at 9.3 percent, blue with 8.9 percent, red at 6.9 percent, green with 6.3 percent and others just over 1 percent.

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