Wilmington, Delaware – Silver and black are the most popular car colours worldwide, while yellow and gold rank near the bottom, according to DuPont’s 58th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. The report includes trends from eleven leading automotive regions of the world.

Only two percentage points separate silver from black as the leading vehicle colour globally, and black’s popularity in key automotive markets outside of North American is substantial. White and grey are tied for third place, with grey’s popularity increasing three percentage points from last year’s survey.

The top ten global colours are:

1. Silver – 26 per cent

2. Black/Black Effect – 24 per cent

3. White/White Pearl – 16 per cent (tie)

4. Grey – 16 per cent each (tie)

5. Red – 6 per cent

6. Blue – 5 per cent

7. Brown/Beige – 3 per cent

8. Green – 2 per cent

9. Yellow/Gold – 1 percent

10. Others – less than 1 per cent

In North America, white/white pearl topped the list for the fourth year in a row with 21 per cent popularity share. DuPont said this largely reflects the preferences of the fleet, light truck and SUV markets in North America. Black/black effect took the number two spot, beating silver by one percentage point, followed by grey and red.

In Europe, black/black effect led overall, across nearly all vehicle categories, with 24 per cent, followed by grey and silver.

In Mexico, black/black effect tied with white for first place, followed by silver, grey and red, while silver took the top spot in South America, followed by white and grey in a tie, and then red.

In China, silver was the most popular colour, followed closely by black, then grey, white and red. Japan chose white/white pearl most often, followed by silver, black and blue. In India, white is also the most popular, followed by silver and then brown/beige. South Koreans prefer silver, followed by black/black effect, white and grey.

South Africa, included in the list for the first time, had white as the most popular colour, followed by silver and black/black effect. Russians chose black/black effect most often, followed by silver and grey.

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