June 9, 2006

Shiftyworld wants to prevent extinction of manual transmission

Coldwater, Michigan – An organization of motorists with the passion to shift the manual transmission is making an assertive move against the world going completely automatic. The new Shiftyworld community brings together car lovers who stick staunchly by the interactive process of shifting gears manually.

“The human love affair with the automobile was born out of a yearning to take control and be free, and that is embodied in the very act of shifting,” says Greg Bruder, Shiftyworld Founder, and lifelong manual transmission lover.

In America and Japan, cars with manual transmissions account for around 10 percent of new car volumes, a huge decrease from a few decades ago. In Europe, where manuals are most common, increasing numbers of automatics are being sold, even in sport models from Audi and BMW.

“Trends now indicate that manufacturers want to eliminate the traditional manual transmission in new cars and trucks,” says Bruder. “Action now can prevent that looming extinction from happening.”

Information can be found at www.shiftyworld.com.

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