Calgary, Alberta – Shell has announced that it has introduced new nitrogen enriched gasolines, containing a unique, patented cleaning system designed to seek and destroy engine carbon deposits in all three grades of fuel.

The new gasoline cleans up gunky build-up on intake valves and fuel injectors, and then acts like a barrier to help protect critical engine parts from further deposits.

Nitrogen is a key element within the active cleaning molecule in the new fuel. By enriching the cleaning molecule with nitrogen, it is more effective and significantly more stable at the higher temperatures common in modern engines. The increased stability helps the molecule work under much tougher engine conditions by resisting thermal breakdown better than conventional cleaning additives, the company said.

In conjunction with the launch of the new fuel, Shell has announced its best-ever Air Miles offer. From May 4 to July 12, 2009, Shell customers will receive 10 times bonus Air Miles reward miles on V-Power gasoline and diesel, and five times bonus reward miles on Shell Bronze and Silver grades, and Shell diesel.

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