August 15, 2003

Shell hit with class-action suit in Quebec

Montreal, Quebec – Justice Claude Tellier of Quebec Superior Court has authorized a Class Action lawsuit against Calgary-based Shell Canada Limited. The Class includes all Quebec consumers who purchased Shell Bronze gasoline beginning March 1, 2001. It is estimated that 500,000 Quebecers will form part of the Class.

On March 1, 2001, Shell introduced a new additive to its Bronze gasoline. Despite claims to the contrary, the additive was shown to leave residues in gas tanks. Because of this tainted gas, motorists began to experience various problems with their fuel supply systems: for example, among other difficulties, their vehicles would not start or the gas gauge would fail to operate correctly. Finally, Shell acknowledged the problem and one year later, in March 2002, it withdrew the additive from Formula Shell Bronze gasoline.

Newspaper ads informing Quebecers as to the details of the procedure will run in the following newspapers beginning tomorrow Friday August 15; The Gazette, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, Le Devoir, Le Journal de Québec, Le Soleil, La Tribune, Le Droit.

The Superior Court has authorized the lawsuit to claim damages from Shell on behalf of all motorists who used Shell Bronze gasoline beginning March 1, 2001, including the following:

    The cost of any repairs to the vehicle
    The cost of inspecting and cleaning the gas tanks whether or not the
    motorist has to date experienced any functional problem with the
    Exemplary or punitive damages
    Out-of-pocket expenses
    Compensation for loss of time, inconvenience, etc.

Shell takes the position that unless and until a Quebec motorist actually experiences a functional problem, the company will refuse to compensate Quebecers for gas tank inspection and cleaning costs.

If you purchased Shell Bronze gasoline in Quebec from March 1, 2001 to
March 1, 2002, you may obtain more information by visiting the following web
site: or register to claim damages at

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