European designer and engineer balance “beauty and the beast” with V12 hybrid supercar. 

Every week, there is at least one article in the automotive blogosphere discussing when Chinese cars will officially make their way to our shores. If this – the Icona Vulcano – were the first Chinese car to cross the pond, I’m fairly sure there would be no complaints.

There’s a reason this supercar looks the business: the Vulcano was actually penned in Italy by former designer for Nissan Europe and JLR, Samuel Chuffart. Balance was the key to designing the one-off supercar.

“The way we found the right balance was usually by looking for the greatest simplicity,” said Chuffart in a press release. “When you’re trying to create a feeling of aesthetic harmony, you risk creating too many sweet lines, which decreases the feeling of power. On the other hand, if you make too much of the powerful features which are necessary to a super sports car such as its cooling cutouts and blades which manage the air flow, they become graphically too dominant, and this makes the car less beautiful.”

Vulcano’s European influence doesn’t just go skin deep. Its bespoke V12 hybrid powertrain gives the car a “top speed will be around 350km/h, and 0-200 km/h will be under ten seconds” thanks to Claudio Lombardi, Ferrari’s former powertrain technical director for Scuderia Ferrari from 1991 to 2000. The engine and electric motors are expected to make a combined 900 hp.

And the biggest surprise of all? It doesn’t look like a knock-off smart fortwo.

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